Oct 5, 2006

Q. Why is my favorite wi-fi hotspot missing from your guide?
A. There could be several reasons why your site is not listed. To be considered the wi-fi service must be free and available to anyone. That means no contracts, no deposits, no trial periods, no credit cards. The bandwidth and signal strength must be sufficient to allow for a reasonable web surfing experience. The service must be reliable (we make several vists to check for this). Of course it could be we just don't know about a given site yet. If you still think your site should be listed drop us a line and we'll look into it.

Q. What's this 'SSID' thing?
A. SSID is the 'Service Set Identifier' also known as the network name. Basically the SSID identifies a wireless network. In densely populated areas it is not uncommon for different wifi networks to overlap. If you know the SSID you will be able to select the correct network for your location.

Q. How accurate are the speed ratings?
A. The speed ratings should only be used as a rough guide. There are too many variables to calculate a firm number. You will almost certainly find the speed higher or lower than listed.

Q. Do you really check out every site?
A. Yes. A real person actually goes and visits each site. We look at the signal strength, bandwidth, seating arrangements and even noise level.

Q. I offer free wi-fi to my customers. How do I get listed in your guide?
A. Send us an e-mail with your name, address and your Wi-fi's SSID. We'll schedule a field test. If you meet our criteria you'll be listed.

Q. Is there a fee to be listed in openwifinyc.com?
A. No.


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